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Goldee Wants to Be the Nest for Lights As Your Smart Light Controller

Imagine a light system in your house that is intelligent enough to cater to you and your needs throughout the day. When you wake up, the lights start to gently turn on in the morning mimicking a sunrise. And at night, when you have to get up to go to the washroom, the lights turn on just enough to illuminate the path to get you there without bumping your knee. 

Goldee, the smart light controller which just launched pre-orders today, wants to make this happen. The sleek, Apple like design wall mounted controller has been constructed to easily replace an existing light switch. 

Goldee does require that lights use smart bulbs (or light bulbs which are Wi-Fi connected), like those from Philips Hue or LIFX. And one controller for each room would be required.

Goldee can shut off the lights it is connected to when no one is home or contrarily turn them on when someone enters the house. It also has the ability to gradual turn on and off lights to ease into sleep or wake up and start your day.

A great security feature is the ability for Goldee to simulate your presence when you are gone. All of these settings can be configured via the Goldee unit or via the Goldee smartphone app which is supported on Android and iPhone.

Goldee is currently running its own crowdfunding campaign off its site beginning today and has raised over $12,000 from 29 backers so far. The campaign ends in 25 days and they are aiming to raise $100,000 in total.

Goldee is selling three packages ranging from $249 all the way up to over $1600. The lower package assumes that you have the smart bulbs already that are needed to make Goldee work. The most popular kit so far is the Goldee Room Pack which comes with the Goldee controller and 3 LIFX smart bulbs for $449.

Backers of Goldee can expect to see their light controllers shipped Summer of 2014.